What is WhaleSave?

WhaleSave is a cashback platform for in-app purchases. You can purchase your in-app products using WhaleSave and your orders will be processed and instantly credited into your App. Likewise you will receive a percentage of the purchase you made as cashback.

What does the name “WhaleSave” mean?

WhaleSave came about from the understanding that the top App spenders are typically known as “Whales”. In a game, they tend to be top players and we believe that by helping everyone “Save” on Apps, we can potentially help everyone to potentially play like a Whale.

How is WhaleSave able to offer Cashback?

We work with app companies to help them reduce their overheads, refer paying customers and market their app. This gives them additional cost saving per sale and a portion is then paid to us as form of commission. We take this commission and share it with our users as cashback.

What can I use the Cashback for?

The cashback earned can be used to offset your next purchase saving you more money or paid out into your bank account.

How is Cashback calculated?

Cashback is calculated based on the rates displayed for each product on WhaleSave.
Example:  8% Cashback on a USD100 product will equate to a USD8.00 Cashback.

Invitation program

How do I join the Pre-launch?

You can request an invitation by entering your email address at the top of the main page. We’ll send you an invitation via email when it’s your turn to apply for an account.

Why does WhaleSave use an invitation system?

An invitation system allows us to control and track the priority of new users and give them access to WhaleSave. We want to ensure we deliver the best customer experience upon the launch for WhaleSave. Likewise, as users you can share it with your friends, family and community and be rewarded with cashback.

I requested an invite by entering my email. How long before I can start getting cashback?

We can’t say specifically how long it will take for you to get an invitation, but you can follow us on social media to stay updated with our progress.  We’ll let some customers in stages to get feedback and improve on our system, but in time we will allow everyone to start using WhaleSave. The end goal is for us to work with our users to deliver the best cashback experience.

Can I start getting cashback before the launch, and if so, how?

If you’re looking to start earning Bonus Cashback, you can start by referring your friends with a valid email address to WhaleSave. Every time you invite someone new and we validate that they have met the requirements, we will award you with cashback. Please ensure to read through the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

What is Bonus Cashback?
Bonus Cashback is Cashback that are earned from events, promotions or referrals programs.

Is WhaleSave secure?

WhaleSave uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.